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Color: BLUE
  • Optimal shock absorption when walking
  • Stops feet getting tired
  • Soft all-around cushioning
  • Interchangeable innersole
  • Wider Fit
The Technology
  • Soft-Air Technology



  • Shock Absorber



  • Allover Padding



  • Removable Footbed



Material: Suede
Lining: Leather
Width: W = Wide Width
Fastener: Laces
Heel Type: Flat
Men's Derby Shoes in smooth leather is super-comfortable, casual and elegant. Handmade of high-quality leather and equally suitable for business or leisure. The innovative sole technology MOBILS AIR-BAG SYSTEM sets new standards in ground performance and shock absorption for runners. In contrast to conventional soles, the entire profile of our AIR-BAG SYSTEM is equipped with small flexible cylinders on the inside. These cylinders flex and compress individually to absorb the hard impact from your feet when running and compensate for any unevenness. This distributes the pressure evenly, ensures a soft and sure step and makes you feel as if you are running on a cushion of air. Thanks to the SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY of MOBILS, aching feet are a thing of the past. The SOFT-AIR midsole minimizes the shock resulting from walking. It protects your feet, relieves your joints, cares for your back and promotes a healthy environment inside your shoes. Maximum heel protection is achieved by the SHOCK ABSORBER. All our MOBILS ergonomic models have a comfortable extra-wide fit giving more space to the toe area. This ensures a perfect fit and therefore incomparable comfort. The amazing, soft and comfortable allover padding applied between the lining and the upper leather ensures optimal comfort, softly surrounding your feet and avoiding unnecessary compression. The ANATOMIC REMOVABLE FOOTBED promotes the smooth movement of the foot and reduces the shock resulting from walking. It ensures a soft and tireless walk from all the styles of the MOBILS collection. You can also replace this footbed with your personal custom orthotics. The leather lining caters for a healthy climate in the shoe.

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