Beware of counterfeits!

Currently a growing number of fake online shops is emerging which pretend to be authorized by MEPHISTO and to be official. They partially employ official and protected image material as well as MEPHISTO brand logos. These are frauds from the Far East. If you order there, you will lose your money and your credit card information.

Therefore, only purchase from authorized MEPHISTO retailers or here in the official MEPHISTO online store at

How the scammers fool customers

The scammers advertise on google, facebook and other online media. Those who buy there either receive counterfeit products from China or even nothing at all, since the fraudsters only seek to obtain your address and payment data.

Some examples of fraudulent websites:

Together with specialists and authorities MEPHISTO is working intensively in combating these scammers. However, it can take some time until such a website is shut down. Because of this, you should always use your common sense!

How to recognize fraudulent websites / online shops:

  • Prices that are too good to be true. If our brand shoes are offered at discounts of 60, 70, 80%, this cannot be a legitimate seller.
  • Imprint, address of the shop operator, contact address, email and/or phone number are missing? This is sure indicate note that it is a scam.
  • A web site purports to sell MEPHISTO, but no MEPHISTO products are offered.
  • A web site sells many other well-known brands alongside MEPHISTO at unrealistically reduced prices.

If you encounter other fakes, please write to us. But please keep in mind that, although we cannot respond to all messages we receive, we, nevertheless, will read each one and will investigate the background.